Monday, August 4, 2014

A gift from Raine

Last week a package arrive for Lena from her BFF Raine.
Lena was very careful with the box cutter... the blade was half as long as she is tall!!

We moved the Fairyland box over so she could open her envelope a little easier.

"I wonder what's inside?"

 "A Pedometer? o_O Hmm are you sure this package is for me?  I think this is more YOUR size, Mom!'
"Yes Lena, April assured me that the package was for you!  A birthday gift from Raine. I guess she forgot to write a note."
"No biggie!  Well I better open up the box and see what's in there!"

"Well Mom, you were right, there is DEFINITELY not a pedometer in here! You should see the cute tape Raine used!!!"

"So show me!"
"Angry Birds!!!  I love the green Piggy! heeheehee"
"So what's in there Lena?"

"Oh... Mom!!!!  Raine sent me a pair of THE shoes... THOSE gorgeous gold sandals I've been drooling over ever since I came home!!!"

"I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, and I have the most amazing Bestie ever!!

RAINE!!!  I am sending you the biggest cyber HUG ever!!! Thank you SO much!!!"

"Don't they look amazing Mom!!!  These are my new favorite shoes for sure!!
OOOH Can you make me a dress to go with them?  Maybe something strapless and navy, and polka dotted?"
"Not until I get my studio cleaned and organized!  I can't find anything right now!
"Well you best get to work then. These shoes NEED a gorgeous dress!"

*mumble, grumble*
"Although I must admit, these ARE some of the most gorgeous sandals I have ever seen!  Thank you so much Raine and April!"

Friday, July 18, 2014

When last I left you...

The sellers had accepted our offering on a cute little house in a town not to far from my Mom's place.  We were excited and very optimistic that things would progress quickly and easily forward and by this time we would be moving into our new house.
Well, let's just say that things did NOT move forward either quickly or easily, and in the end the issues we had with the bank totally turned us off the sale and we ended up backing out.  But in the end we truly feel that it worked out for the best, as we have returned to our original plan of purchasing my FIL's place when he moves in the early part of next year.

 This is a much better plan for several reasons. 1.)  This is the area that my husband spent much of his youth and truly feels connected to.  It's "home" to him!
2.)  It's centrally located to not just my Mom, but also my Dad, and Donnie's step-dad and sister as well!
3.) It's rural enough that we aren't stacked on top of the neighbors (we'll have about a third of an acre!) but close enough to an good sized urban area that shopping is just 10 minutes either way. (where as the other house would have been at least a 30 minute drive)
and lastly 4.) it allows us to stay together as a family for the last few months that Donnie is recruiting before he heads to school in VA, then to Korea for a year!!!

So while we are not buying a house now, we aren't too upset as everything happens for a reason! :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Dancing!!!!

I feel like Snoopy right now!!!  The seller's accepted our offer!!!! :-)

Now we move onto the next step of finalizing the paper work.  But we hope to be able to start moving by the middle of July at the latest.

Our plan is for our sons (13 &9) and I to take several trips back and forth from NY to OH over the summer, taking small loads and doing things like painting while Donnie is working.  Then we will make a couple large trips with all of us to move furniture and things like that.  The end goal is to be completely moved before the 2014-2015 school year starts.

 This is most of our backyard, there is a little stream there in the back too!  I am planning to put several raised garden beds back here to start growing a lot of our fruits and vegetables!

I'm even thinking about possibly putting in a small water feature too! :-)

The front porch!  I cannot wait to find the perfect little bistro patio set.  I think this will be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the morning!

This is the view out into the side-back yard from the 3-season room at the back of the house.

There is a nice large 2 level deck, a big driveway, plus the big garage!

To say I am excited is an understatement!!!  I can't wait to make this great little place ours! <3 br="">

Monday, June 2, 2014

Our New House... hopefully!

Sorry I didn't post this the other day like I planned, the weekend was a bit crazy, and heck so was this morning.    Lots of running around going on, phone calls being made and plans being formed!

My husband's time as a recruiter is coming to an end later this year.  His next assignment will take him out of the country for a year or so.  We have decided that now is the time for us to look into truly settling down.  Once he returns from this next assignment he will only have a few short years left until he is able to retire.

We both are originally from Ohio and my family is still there.  We settled on a town mid-way between my mom and my dad.  We found the most perfect little house while we were there over the Memorial Day weekend!

It's a cute little 2 story house built in the 40s, that sits on just under half an acre.  It's on Main St... how cool is that! :-)

It is in wonderful shape, and aside from a few cosmetic things I'd like to change (IE the pumpkin orange dining room! LOL) it's perfect!

The porch is big enough for me to put a small seating area there.  Perfect for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings!

There is a fabulous 2 level deck on the bag porch that will be great for entertaining as the back yard is big enough to put in several good sized raised beds for fruits, veggies and flowers!  There is even a small stream at the back of the property!  We are ALL super excited about having running water right nearby!  The current front flower beds are very nice, but I cannot wait to be able to fill them with all the pretty flowers I like too.

There is also a large 2 car garage that has a built in workshop with a wood burning stove, plus enough space in the drive to park several cars.  We are thinking about converting the garage into an entertainment 'room' for when we host parties and get togethers! 

Hopefully we will know more this week! *fingers crossed*

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Hey Y'all, it's Lena!  Abbie and I are here to give you a heads up on some cool news!  Our friends Raine and Zoey, plus their mom April over at April's Sea of Dollie Sweetness have decided to become penpals! Raine and I have chatted via email several times already, but after the 6 of us got to meet in person a few weeks ago, we thought it'd be fun to post our chats in our blogs!  (Mom says maybe THIS will get her blogging again!)

If you click the link above it will take you to their blog to read the first messages.

Oh and the other big news... We might be moving!!!  And soon too!  Mom and Dad went to Ohio last weekend to look at a couple of houses and totally fell in love with one!  If all goes well we will be making the big move from New York to Ohio by August!!! :-)  (Mom said she will try and post about that tomorrow!

Ok, I'm gonna pass the computer over to Abbie so she can send her message to Zoey!

Hi Zoey, it's Abbie!

Good to hear from you, I had an awesome time getting to see you and your sister a couple weeks ago too! I can't believe we are moving so soon either!  I mean I knew a move was coming, but it wasn't supposed to happen until the end of the year!  But c'est la vie.  It's all good.  Mom says that while we probably won't get a big doll room/craft studio yet, she WILL be making us our own rooms! YAY!!  Not that I mind sharing with Lena and Nance, but it'd be nice to have a place all to myself!

I can't wait to get to explore Ohio, Mom grew up there and says that there should be lots of places to see and neat things to do!  The town we are moving to has a water resevoir and there is a BALD EAGLE that lives there too!  How cool is that!

I'm so glad you liked all the tees that your mom bought for you and Raine... heck there were a couple I wanted to steal for myself!  Sorry Raine is hogging all the good stuff!  Sometimes I feel like Lena gets the good stuff here too, but I try not to complain too loudly especially since I can always rub it in her face that I was here first!  lol  Well I better run, as I know Lena wants to message your sister and then Mom needs the computer back to get back to work.


Hi Raine!  HUGSIES!!! :-)

Life has been pretty good here, kinda crazy with all this moving stuff going on.  I know Mom is going kinda nuts trying to finish up her outstanding orders so she can start packing.  Packing and moving!!!  How crazy is that?  I feel like I just got here and now we are leaving!  I'm bummed that we only got to meet once *which was AWESOME, BTW*  But I am hoping we can get together at least once more before we move.  I would LOVE to try and get to one of the doll meets you go to. That sounds like so much fun!

Sorry to hear that Zoey is being a pain and trying to steal all the good clothes!  I don't have any sisters (or brothers for that matter) but sometimes Abbie and I butt heads, but I love her like a sister so we always make up in the end!

I am so glad you liked the Fluttershy shirt!  I picked out the color for that one! :-)    Did you notice I'm wearing the hot pink shirt I got from YOU! :-)  I love the color and it's super comfy too. Oh and I am glad you liked the seashell jar, I have a matching one on my bedside table too! We're kinda like twinsies! *giggles*

Ok, well I better get going, Mom says she needs her computer back!  Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Today's Photo-a-Day prompt was Sweet.  I actually didn't have a picture planned (heck I wasn't even sure what the prompt was at the time) when I took this picture! LOL  Today was my middle son's Christmas Chorus program.  They had a nice little 'reception' before the program with treats and snacks for everyone.  I volunteered to make cookies.

I used a new-to-me recipe for sugar cookies that I found through Pinterest.  It's supposed to make Perfect Cut Out Cookies. I had no desire (or time) to deal with cut out cookies. So I simply used my small dough scoop and then pressed the cookies down with a sugared glass bottom. As the recipe was, I'm not entirely sure that I would use them for cut out cookies, as the dough was VERY soft. BUT that could have been my fault as I think my butter was softened too much when I got started and it did firm up when I chilled it, but I didn't have enough time to let it fully chill.  But for round drop-ish cookies they turned out lovely!  They were light, fluffy and just sweet enough.  I used a can of ready made frosting that I amended with some extra powdered sugar for more body (although I think I should have used more. C'est la vie, hind sight is 20/20)  The cookies were a hit, and not a single one remained at the end of the night! :-)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Photo a Day; Days 8 & 9

Sorry, haven't yet gotten around to finishing the girls tree decorating story.  Been in a bit of a funk worrying about some things I can't really control.  Nothing drastic, just inconveniences really, but they are annoying me.

Oh well, c'est la vie!

I'm gonna cheat a little bit today for the pictures, as I am using pics I took today for both today's photo prompt (Out & About), as well as yesterday's (Someone you Love). 

We had an ice storm come through in the early hours of the morning today, which caused the schools to be delayed 2 hours.  Can't say I mind that at all... love being able to go back to bed for a bit!  We ended up with a layer of ice over everything about 1/4 of an inch thick.  Thankfully the road crews worked really hard and the roads were pretty clear for Donnie to get to work and the boys to get to school.

Once the boys got home from school and did their homework they raced outside to play with their friends.  They quickly discovered that their sleds worked really well on the icy slope.  They had a blast sliding down the hill over and over again! :-)