Friday, July 18, 2014

When last I left you...

The sellers had accepted our offering on a cute little house in a town not to far from my Mom's place.  We were excited and very optimistic that things would progress quickly and easily forward and by this time we would be moving into our new house.
Well, let's just say that things did NOT move forward either quickly or easily, and in the end the issues we had with the bank totally turned us off the sale and we ended up backing out.  But in the end we truly feel that it worked out for the best, as we have returned to our original plan of purchasing my FIL's place when he moves in the early part of next year.

 This is a much better plan for several reasons. 1.)  This is the area that my husband spent much of his youth and truly feels connected to.  It's "home" to him!
2.)  It's centrally located to not just my Mom, but also my Dad, and Donnie's step-dad and sister as well!
3.) It's rural enough that we aren't stacked on top of the neighbors (we'll have about a third of an acre!) but close enough to an good sized urban area that shopping is just 10 minutes either way. (where as the other house would have been at least a 30 minute drive)
and lastly 4.) it allows us to stay together as a family for the last few months that Donnie is recruiting before he heads to school in VA, then to Korea for a year!!!

So while we are not buying a house now, we aren't too upset as everything happens for a reason! :-)


Miranda Ixie said...

Well okay! As long as it all worked out and you're happy. That's the important thing. Can't wait to hear about the OTHER new place when it happens. :)

- Miri

Randomfish said...

Sounds like it worked out for the best in the end! The "new" new place sounds really net... :D